"Circle Sweep" game trailer

Circle Sweep

Game Design
UX/UI Design
Game Art

One of the most time consuming projects of my career. This game was developed at "Planet of the Apps" game studio by team of five people, more or less.

Game belongs to a "Match 3" genre but stands out because of it's unique mechanics that requires more logical thinking than other representatives of that genre. So without further ado, sit tight and let me tell you a story of "Circle Sweep."

"Enso" game trailer

And then came "ENSO"

"Circle Sweep" is spiritual successor of an endless, puzzle game that we've made one year earlier, called "Enso".

I was sitting at my desk, watching some kind of a stupid "Top 10 videos" as I turned to my co-worker as he was (actually working) uploading game screenshots to "Google Play". I was watching as he was struggling to replace one image by another but he couldn't succeed because images would slide to one side or the other.

In that moment I've realized that it could be an interesting mechanic for a puzzle game. So I've finished my video and begun developing that game idea in my sketch book.

Not bad for a puzzle game

"Enso" was doing pretty good since the date of it's release. Great reviews on "Google Play" and "App Store", good retention numbers and most important factor, my mom was really addicted to it.

So we decided to make a bigger game, based on "Enso" mechanics but with levels, more power-ups and different mission types. We added more special orbs and made a huge scrolling map with 90 levels.

Working like a dog

We have been working on this project for almost a year. Testing each level, balancing gameplay with new power ups, thinking about new additions and implementing weekly tournaments and challenges.

Reviews are in!

Game was very well received among casual gamer community. Gaining and still maintaining excellent score of 4.5 on "Google Play"

We were insanely happy receiving those reactions of our audience. Thousands of people played in idea that was born in my head because of "screenshot rant" of my co-worker.

Thank you Dotan.