World of beauty

Motion Design

After stumbling on countless motion design ads in the beginning of "YouTube" videos I begun to wonder, can I make a full motion design animation from start to finish all by myself?

"Challenge excepted!"
- I screamed inside my head and started to think about a topic for my video.

I wrote a small poem about modern society addiction to "Instagram".

So take your eyes from your social feed and give me one minute of your time.


Instagram a world of beauty.
Models, boats, amazing views.
Captivated, begged to question,
"Why can't we be in those shoes?"

Like a horde of mindless zombies,
Seeking refuge in our screens.
Swiping, texting, taping, liking,
To get closer to our dreams.

Here are girls with perfect asses.
Here's a guy sitting with one.
Here's a sunset in Mallorca.
Countless likes under the sun.

Movie stars making suggestions,
What to buy and how to dress,
Spend some money to be happy,
Then get abs with chiseled chest.

Here reality exiting!
Overwhelming, thrilling, fine!
There's no laundry, there's no dishes.
There's no traffic nor stop sign.

So our life fades in the background,
As we live inside our phones.
Watching happiness of others
But deep down we feel alone....